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» Things that need to happen in Bionicle 2015


-Kopaka/Pohatu shenanigans
-Onua saving Lewa multiple times
-Taipu being an adorable dork
-an overwhelming amount of really bad puns

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» Things that REALLY need to happen in Bionicle 2015


  • mask packs
  • mask packs
  • mask packs
  • mask packs
  • LEWA saving ONUA multiple times
  • mask packs
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Testing the Trajan Pro font that loganmcowen found. Making my own comparison with the original logo (on top) with the edits I’ve done.

Indeed the resemblance is magnificent.

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And a bonus for all you lovely people :D

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IGN gave a higher rating to Hatoful Boyfriend than it did for Destiny or The Sims 4, what a time to be alive.

What's your sexiest pair of underwear?


I had this idea but it wasn’t working out. This is kind of a peek into what it would’ve been like. Only I would’ve drawn the clouds myself, time permitting :x

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BIONICLE Music Parody: ‘Collecting Parts’ - Parody of One Republic’s Counting Stars

With the return of BIONICLE finally confirmed it is time for us all to rejoice, celebrate, and remember the five years we spent together keeping the fandom alive. 

We couldn’t have done it with our all of you!

If you were present for MakutaFest you may remember this song being played, we’ve saved it for this momentous occasion and we hope you enjoy!

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Matsuoka Rin

Matsuoa in

Matsua i

Matsa i

Mata i

Mata Ni

Mata Nui


I am not even sorry. I swear I think Rin is a part of Mata Nui!

Half Life 3 confirmed

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